Saturday, 29 September 2012

Installing and Configuring the new vSphere 5 Web Client server


Been a while since my last post (about a year!), but that’s what happens when you venture off into the hills of Exchange…

Anyway, I thought I’d put this one up as I reminder to myself as much as anything else. The web client is kind-of-cool:

  1. On the VCenter on Windows system, mount the .iso for VCenter 5 (perhaps after installing VMware tools).
  2. You should get an auto run menu that looks like the following: image
  3. Select the VMware VSphere Web Client Server and install it. Its pretty quick.
  4. Open up a browser on the VCenter on Windows server and point to https://localhost:9443/admin-app
  5. Once open you now need to register or authorize the VCenter server. You should see the VSphere Web Client Administration tool. Please ensure that Adobe Flash is pre-installed!image
  6. Select Register VCenter Server and supply the VCenter server name or IP, a user name and password. Then simply select register.
  7. Click ignore on any certificate warnings
  8. You should see your server listed as registered!
  9. Jump onto a client machine (Windows 7 etc.) and open a browser.
  10. Type the following to connect to the VSphere Web Server: https://VSphere-DNS-Name:9443/vsphere-client. Login with your AD credentials and have fun!

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