Wednesday, 9 March 2011

How to Configure File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) to Send an Email

You can ensure FSRM servers send emails to configured administrators as follows:

1.  After installing the FSRM role service, open the snap-in from Admin Tools
2.  Right click File Server Resource Manager (Local) and select Configure Options
3.  In the configure options window, configure the SMTP Server Name (the Exchange Server)
4. Configure the Default Administrator Recipients email address
5. Configure the Default From Email Address

The Default From Email Address is the address for the FSRM server (which can be an ordinary mailbox built earlier). When the FSRM server wants to send an email of notification (perhaps because someone oversteps their quota or places an incorrect file type into a folder) it will use this email address. The server authenticates using its computer account and then submits the email to exchange. So for this to work you need to allow the FSRM to send the email on the mailbox behalf. You can do this by typing the following cmd in powershell on or connected to the Exchange server:

[PS] Add-Adpermission -Identity "fsrm" -user "compulinx\srvExchange$" -extendedrights "Send-as"

Where fsrm is the mailbox that the server (srvExchange$) uses. You can click the 'Test Email' button to make sure it works.

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