Friday, 30 April 2010

The Client Access Server Role Pt2

OWA provides your users with a many features that resemble Outlook. These features can be turned on or off using the console or shell. These features are called segmentation options.

Disabling/Enabling Segmentation Options

[PS] Set-OWAVirtualDirectory "SRV215\OWA (Default Web Site)" -ChangePasswordEnabled $false

This cmdlet will turn off the users ablity to change passwords from OWA. The other features and cmdshell parameters are outlined below:

Feature                        Parameter

All Address Lists           AllAddressListsEnabled

Calendar                       CalendarEnabled

Change Password         ChangePasswordEnabled

Contacts                       ContactsEnabled

Email Signature             SignatureEnabled

ActiveSync Integration  ActiveSyncIntegrationEnabled
Journal                         JournalEnabled

Junk Email Filtering      JunkEmailEnabled

Notes                          NotesEnabled

Premium Client            PremiumClientEnabled

Public Folders             PublicFoldersEnabled

Recover Deleted Items RecoverDeletedItemsEnabled

Reminders/Notifications RemindersAndNotificationsEnabled

Rules                           RulesEnabled

S/MIME                     SMIMEEnabled

Search Folders            SearchFoldersEnabled

Spell Checker             SpellCheckerEnabled

Tasks                          TasksEnabled

Theme Selection          ThemeSelectionEnabled

UM Integration           UMIntegrationEnabled

Web Based Document Viewing

Users can open and view Microsoft Office and PDF attachments even if the associated applications are not installed on their computers. This is called web ready document viewing. Documents are opened and viewed using Internet Explorer.
To enable web ready document viewing for public and private computers do the following:

[PS] Set-OWAVirtualDirectory -Identity "OWA (Default Web Site)" -WebReadyDocumentOnViewingPrivateComputersEnabled $true
-WebReadyDocumentOnViewingPublicComputersEnabled $true

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